Medical Cannabis Consultations

Since October 2016, I have been working at Synergy Wellness, a medical cannabis collective in Marin that specializes in CBD and creating custom protocols for patients. I have learned a ton about this amazing medicine in all its various forms and varieties and am excited to share my knowledge with people looking for symptom relief.  

Medical cannabis is helping millions of people find symptomatic relief from myriad medical conditions, including:

  • Seizure Disorders

  • Pain Management

  • Anxiety Reduction

  • Sleep Disorders

  • Cancer

  • Parkinsons

  • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)

I can help you source quality, full-spectrum medicine in a confounding marketplace that is currently flooded with sub-par products. I will construct a protocol just for you based on your needs and symptoms and help to educate you on the amazing medicinal qualities of this gift from Mother Nature!