I became a Certified Nutritional Consultant (C.N.C.) through Bauman College in 2011 and can offer guidance in finding a more healthful way of eating and addressing specific medical or nutritional issues through diet.  

Some of the things we can address together:

  • Identify food allergies

  • Finding the right diet to lose, gain, or maintain weight

  • Support the needs of the endocrine system (hormones, adrenals)

  • Balance blood sugar

  • Support intestinal issues (Crohns, GERD, Colitis, Candida, etc.)

  • Design a Cleansing program that is best for you

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Other Nutritional Services

Pantry Assessments

Get rid of that which doesn't serve you and find the hidden gems which do! (Carried out in your home.)

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Cooking Classes

We can cook a meal, and eat it together, in your own kitchen!

Shopping Tours

Get some guidance on how to shop to support your commitment to greater health and wellness!

Wellness begins on the inside - start there. You’ve got this.
— Anonymous