Musical Offerings

I love playing music! - I play guitar and I love to create melodies and harmonies - both on strings and with my voice.

I sing 'mantras' (sanskrit invocations, songs or prayers) in original melodies at the end of my classes and also am available to teach them in private lessons. 

Below is a free link to one of my original songs, “Cerulean Blue”, that I wrote about my love for the ocean.

I also have a performance duo with my soon-to-be husband called ‘Spock and the Siren’. We play original songs as well as a wide assortment of covers spanning many decades. We are available to play events and private parties. Contact me for bookings. You can check us out on facebook here:


Here’s a Taste of

My Music


cropped both_spock and siren march_40348260_1919595015012622_6779161377685635072_o.jpg

May the wind fill your sails, and lead you to the whales, who will teach you to jump, just for joy.
May the sun warm your soul, and the sea make you whole. Shimmer into Cerulean Blue.
— Elana